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One day in Antiqueberg Theater a magician was doing a magic show. He was using a hundred year old piano. There were only two made. He had to be careful or the owner would kill him.
In the show a guy put dynamite under the piano. He lit it. It exploded! The magician said sorry to the audience and called the assistant and a volunteer to help him.
The volunteer had a tiny green croc who knew magic. They tried a bunch of spells to fix the piano and finally after hours of trying, they fixed it. They were happy. The show went on.

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THE CAVE OF POWER         One day at home Billy and I were lisining  to a local legend about a cave of power. We had to find it. Everyone had herd the legend including some badguys  who wanted it for themselves. Wahaha!! Billy and I went on an adventure. The badguys looked too. Billy and I found a cave it was weird. We went in. duntduntdun. We found 2 magic strawberry milkshakes and drank them. Then looking behind me I saw the badguys! I said run for your life! Then it happened our power came out and we defeated the badguys and gave gold to everyone.

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One day this girl was walking into the woods and there she found this little house.  She was running away for no reason.  Then she went into the little house.  It was very, very clean and she decided to stay there.

The owners returned.  There were ten of them and they said, “What are you doing in here?”

She answered, “Nothing.  I just found this house and decided to go in because I had no place to go.”

“Okay,” the owner said.  And then one of them named Joie asked ‘How can I help you?”

She said, “Could I stay here?”  And everyone said, “Why… why yes!”


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